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A better, easier,

more productive way

to engage shoppers.

  • Enhance messaging experiences for your shoppers.

  • Elevate quality of conversations with your shoppers.

  • Drive sales opportunities & service appointments.

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From initial contact to final delivery, shopper happiness is key.

A direct message via text, messenger or otherwise is often the first personal interaction a shopper has with your dealership. And, getting off on the right foot is paramount.


Discourage or Delight

It's no secret that car shoppers can be reluctant to contact dealerships. And, studies show most prefer to remain entirely anonymous while shopping online. When they do take the often uncomfortable first step of contacting you, is having to provide personal contact info, as a prerequisite to getting questions answered, the best experience for them? Or, would they be better served without that added pressure?

Leads or Shoppers

Is an inquiry via text message, messenger or otherwise, just another "lead"? Or, is it actually the modern day equivalent to a phone call for today's car shopper and a real-time opportunity to assist, build rapport and establish trust?


Mechanize or Humanize

When shoppers direct message your dealership, with real-time questions, are they best served by automated AI, external agents and scripted replies? Or, would they be better served with substantive, real-life direct communication and assistance from your own team? 

Make Them Happy

Changing consumer behaviors and the convergence of the online and offline worlds have put the consumer firmly in charge of their car buying experience. Make them happy from the very first contact - win more sales and make more money - with ShopSentric.  


Better Engagement.      Better Conversions.

Contact to Conversation


Conversation to Appointment


Appointment to Show


Show to Sale



*Risk-free 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.

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Text & Talk

Shoppers to your website can be reluctant to initiate contact and can be equally wary of having to provide personal contact info to do so. The ShopSentric Anonymous Text & Talk website integration helps instill confidence in shoppers and encourage contact.

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Anonymous Text & Talk
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Facebook Messenger

for Business

Elevate shopper experience and acquire more customers by connecting Facebook shoppers directly with your team via the ShopSentric Messenger for Business integration.

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Facbook Messenger for Business
FB marketplace for business.png

Facebook Messenger

for Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace makes messaging your dealership about specific inventory easy for online shoppers. The ShopSentric Messenger for Marketplace integration makes responding to those inquiries just as easy for your team.

FBmarketplaceShopSentric z.png
Facebook Messenger for Marketplace
Google My Business.png


My Business

With your Google business profile, shoppers can get in touch with you via messaging. With the ShopSentric Google My Business integration, your team can answer questions, tell your story and drive the shopper to dealer communication experience.

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Google My Business
Google Ads.png



Power up your Google Ads by adding messaging. Let shoppers viewing your ads on mobile devices text your dealership with just a tap. And, with ShopSentric, your team can engage with those shoppers almost effortlessly.

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Google Ads
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  • Created specifically for auto dealers

  • No software or apps to download, log into or learn

  • Quick, simple setup and deployment 

  • Easy dealership operations integration

  • Seamless communication systems integration

  • Complete track-ability and attribution

  • Real-time performance reporting and transcripts

  • Send and receive pictures and video

  • Unlimited users with easy add/remove functionality

  • Department specific communication routing

  • Simple transfer to other users and departments

  • Add users to conversations (aka group messaging)

  • Automated communication opt-out protocols

  • Carrier approved and TCPA compliant

  • CDK Global and integrated partners with more provider partnerships in process.

Re-imagine shopper engagement and win.

No one can better accommodate messaging inquiries from your shoppers than your own team. Learn more about how ShopSentric makes doing so easy, effective and affordable.

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About ShopSentric



We are a quickly emerging industry leader in online shopper engagement solutions that drive measurable results for our dealership clients. We apply the principles of behavioral science and our one-of-a-kind communication technology to effectively increase both the quantity of online shopper contacts for dealers and the quality of those interactions for shoppers. We like to think of our team as pioneers of sorts, leading the way providing out-of-the-box, operationally viable digital solutions to the automotive industry.

Our Philosophy

In today's mobile messaging driven environment, "leads" and "shoppers" are no longer synonymous. And, people choosing to message your dealership with questions, via texting, messaging services or otherwise, are often not best served when "treated as leads". They are best served when "accommodated as shoppers" - by your own knowledgeable, in-house team. At ShopSentric, we help auto dealers optimize every mobile messaging opportunity by creating great communication experiences for their shoppers.

Our Mission

To fuel the future of shopper to dealer communications by enabling forward-thinking dealers to

re-imagine how they engage with today’s car shopper.

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